Steps Involved In Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floors are beautiful and give your home charm. If you've decided to have hardwood floors installed, you may wonder about the process and how long it will take until you can use your flooring. Here's an overview of important steps involved in hardwood floor installation.

Choose The Flooring And Order The Materials

There are several types of hardwood flooring when it comes to color, finish, and grain. You may want to pick up some samples from the flooring store so you can visualize how the floor will look against your paint and furniture. Once you know the flooring you want, the flooring company will come to your home to measure the space and order the materials needed. Depending on the type of wood you order, it might take a few weeks for all the supplies to arrive.

Let The Wood Acclimate

An important step in hardwood flooring installation is to let the wood acclimate to your indoor climate. This allows the wood to adjust to the temperature and humidity in your home. This is important so the wood can contract or expand before it's installed so cupping and warping can be avoided. Acclimation usually takes several days. It depends on the species of wood and where the wood was stored before it was delivered, but it could take over a week before the wood is ready. In the meantime, the wood will be stacked in your home, so be prepared for that.

During this time, you can empty your rooms of furniture and other belongings and the flooring contractor may want to go ahead and pull up the old floor to get ready for the installation. Before work begins on your floor, you have to clear the area and that may entail renting a storage pod so you can manage clearing out multiple rooms as the work progresses.

Install The Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring can be noisy work, but the mess can be kept to a minimum if the installer uses dustless equipment. The speed of the work depends on the size of the area that's getting new flooring. If you're having wood floors put in all rooms of your home, the installation process could take several days. Also, the floor has to be finished, which further adds to the time before you can use the flooring.

If you buy prefinished planks, you can use the floor much quicker. However, if the installer will finish the floor, this entails sanding the planks after installing them, applying a stain, and then putting on a top coat. The coating has to dry and cure before you can walk on the floor. The installer will let you know when your floor will be ready to use, but you may have to wait several more days until you can put furniture back in the room.